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Candlelight Vigil for a Forest Fire

All of Our Future Repastes

A one-day strike is planned for Presidents Day or thereabouts. We are certainly NOT a very revolutionary people. We’ve never been taught how to protest effectively. We know how to assemble en masse and slowly walk towards something, usually a landmark. And there is 1% of us who are adept at smashing the fuck out of the nearest Starbucks and leaving clever stickers on the backs of street signs. But it’s as though it’s either one or the other and there are no other choices. We seem to protest as though we’re asking for a raise at work. The only thing we have going for us is our masses. The numbers. But let’s face it, when it comes to protesting, we’re one and done. We’ll rally for exactly one day and then we all go home before dark and return to our comfortable little lives feeling that we’ve accomplished something. What are we admitting about ourselves by “fighting the power”for exactly 24 hours? Sure, marching is tiring work. Here in southern Mexico, the protests usually begin in May and usually last all summer long. The people set up tents and tale over the Zocalo. They march at all hours, sometimes all night long, literally up and down the streets following a marching band. They jump into the middle of the highways and stop traffic and then they keep control of the roads. I’m not suggesting we use such extreme tactics–our police wouldn’t tolerate it the way the policia here do. I’m just suggesting that maybe protests need to get a bit more creative? Certainly nobody wants violence and I’m NOT advocating it. It just seems that massing in one place for a single day is kind of what the people in charge expect of us and how they want us to behave. Hell, it’s great for local businesses every time a “million” people march on Washington, D.C. But ultimately, what good does it do? Civil Rights wasn’t won making great speeches in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It started out locally and quickly realized that the best way to hurt the powers that be is by hurting their bottom line. Much more effective than looting a Foot Locker.

The American Left is its own worst enemy.

Mocking someone on Saturday Night Live is seen as a radical act.

Who are our leaders?

Where are they?




What works for opiate withdrawal

I’m not a doctor. I pay too much attention to be one. What works for heroin and opiate withdrawal? A small dose of loperamide (about 10 mg every 12 hours) and speed. Only do this for three days, though. Three days is all you need. Like with suboxone. I’ve kicked on a single 8 mg strip. 4 mg the first day, then 2 mg then half and half every 24 hours. No withdrawal at all if you limit it to three days. Of course, the biggest problem is boredom. Its not hard to be sick and do nothing when you’re sick, but nearly impossible when you know what will make you well instantly. The speed will fill your need to do *something* and cure that thought that the fun is over forever. You’re in bed, sick, smelling yourself, the sheets, it smells like death. The party has to end for now. Liquor doesn’t help enough. You need something stronger to get you out of bed and living sober hours. You only need 84 after your last dose of dope and you’re home free. This will work best the first time. So don’t screw up or it just gets more and more impossible.

Orange is the New Red/White/Blue

Trump is old and being old makes him completely GROSS!

And being gross, to Trump, is like being a poor person living in the human zoo of pubic housing with intestinal scum growing inside their filthy, shit-stained toilet pipes.

Also gross is melting cheddar cheese onto a peach, or putting a circus peanut on top of a buffalo wing. His cotton candy strands of blonde come only from the pubes of the best orangutans. It’s a great time to be totally gross. A loser! He can’t stand that people below him can get online and look disgustingly at him, like a middle aged fat woman fingerpainting her huge white underwear with her period blood.

Allegedly I hear 41020 he has very bad breath and lots of dandruff. He’d hire a ghostwriter to write his private diary.


The First Lady of Human Trafficking


Let’s be clear: Melania Trump is DEFINITELY NOT a mail-order bride.

They met when she was working as an associate at a law firm that specialized in marketing and intellectual property in 1989. He was a summer intern and she was his adviser. They fell in love and the rest is history.

No, wait–that’s how Barack met Michelle.

She was a librarian who blew a stop sign and killed a young classmate in rural Texas.

No, that’s George W. and his wife. (She’ll never be an Uber driver.)

The love story of Donald and Melania is just as endearing as any Emmanuelle movie. But first, on an unrelated note, let me say a word about Slovenian Brides, according to the mail-order bride site

“Do you like women that are both beautiful and graceful? Do you want a Slovenian mail order bride who is both athletic and feminine? Slovenian brides are known for their grace, beauty, and powerful personalities. They come from a country that loves to compete athletically, and the Slovenian Brides that we have at Rose Brides are in great shape. If you want a Slovenian Bride that you can show off, you will find her with us. A beautiful facade is not the only thing that Slovenian women have to offer. Brides from Slovenia will definitely have a strong sense of family and keep the traditional values in which marriage, religion, and love ones are  most important to them. You can have one of our Slovenian Brides who will always take care of herself and look good for you.”

Melania Trump was NOT and IS NOT a victim of the global sex trade, which is just human trafficking masquerading  in the form of the mail-order bride industry.

A man who runs beauty pageants would NOT be the kind of guy to trade in his aging wife every 20 years for a newer model. Donald Trump does not “grab them by the pussy.” Except the times that he does and has.

What time do the purges and show trials begin?

There’s NO WAY the new first lady is a former mail-order bride and even if she WERE, that would say nothing about how the new president thinks of women.

A man is like an estate, a grand old house that gains in value as the ivy grows over it.

A woman is like an automobile. Smells great when it’s new, but as soon as she’s driven off the lot, she loses half of her value. After a while you stop giving a shit and start to look around for a newer model. You trade her in on a new car but you know that it won’t be the last new car you own.

Trump does not think like this. I am SURE of it.

The man has no Asian fetish an had never been on a sex tourism trip to Thailand. He’s not that kind of guy. And even if he were, that’s just locker room talk. A woman is only a talking pussy, and you can’t roll the odometer back on a talking pussy.

God save us all.


A common Xmas greeting on the wall. 

Bibliography question:

Just wanted to double check here: we’re talking about Sophie B. Hawkins, correct? Don’t want to give credit where it’s not due, i. e. Damn, I Wish I Was Your Grocer. 


Civil unrest here today in protest of the new governor of Oaxaca. At least this one isn’t afraid to live in the city. There was a governor here who lived outside the city but I’ve heard conflicting reports as to why. 

Film Noir 2.0

The bonds of matrimony weigh heavily on the souls of every woman, but Louise Nightmare is prepared to do anything to get out of her 15-year promise to her husband, Danny Nightmare. 

Despite living in a fancy $4 a day roominghouse with seperate beds, Louise Nightmare is prepared to get free no matter the cost. The would-be woman of the world loses her shirt in the local casino presumably run by rackateers, she’s down but not yet out. 

She’s fixed her husband’s Fleshlight with enough atomic bombs to make sure she can collect on her new $12000 insurance policy while making sure there’s nothing left of him for other dames to mourn. 

Ask your Pullman porter the way to the nearest laugh riot and enjoy your trip into “Murder by Masturbatory Innuendo.” 

Asian Fetish?

I know an Asian woman married to a white guy yet imagines that all white men are sick perverts with an “Asian fetish.” All of them, except for her husband, obviously. I have had about 12 serious girlfriends since I was 16 or 17. My first girlfriend was Asian. And that’s it. I haven’t dated an Asian woman since. Not even casually. That’s just because I look for more in a woman than her race. I’ve dated two black women, a blonde woman, two Jewish women, a Persian woman, a Latina and two or three brunettes of unidentifiable ethnicity, much like myself. I find it odd that this Asian woman is blind to her husband’s past. He’s dated almost exclusively Asian women. I guess she’s projecting on to other white men what she can’t admit about her own husband? Why does this bother me? Because she’s pre-judging people, aka being predjudiced.

Is this much different than being a dog lover? You either love dogs and will adopt any pup from the pound no matter what breed or lack of breed he or she is, yet some of these people, Hitler included, will only settle for a certain preferred breed of dog, most requiring papers to prove their pup is of proper lineage. It seems pretty similar. Some people seem to prefer certain characteristics but …

More interestingly, during the Nazi siege of Leningrad, local radio played a metronome over the air. If the metronome was going slowly, things were okay. If it was fast, you had to take cover.

The Soviets dug ice trenches to protect the city’s only supply route across a frozen lake. Leningrad burial detachments had to remove 100 corpses from the street every day. People died of hunger, simply stopped getting out of bed. Trucks were more likely to crash into each other than be destroyed by German artillery. Drivers stoood on their running boards so they could bail out if the ice broke under them. Hitler wanted Leningrad completely wiped off the map. He did not want anybody alive or anything to survive.

New Orleans would be an easy city to lay siege to. Los Angeles would be almost impossible. There’s too much of it. NYC would be possible. The siege of NYC. Manhattan.


All we had to save us was fanfiction.

How many bullets were fired during WWII? The US Industry-Ordnance team furnished to the army and foreign nations 47 billion rounds of small arms ammunition, approx. 11 million tons of artillery ammo, more than 12 million rifles andcarbines, approx. 750,000 artillery pieces and 3/2 million military vehicles.

So, the US made 47 billion bullets. 12 billion Japan. 14 billion from allied Europe. About 97 billion rounds. Actually fired, between 50 and 90 billion shots were fired in WWII. Imagine if you had a dollar for EVERY SINGLE BULLET  fired during WWII and you can imagine who rich  Bill Gates is.

A certain percentage of all troops during WWII NEVER fired their weapons at the enemy during the entire war. How is that possible? My grandfather may have been one of them but he was the navigator/bomber for his aircraft, a Marauder. He was in charge of dropping the bombs on the enemy. He was probably implicated in the death of hundreds or even thousands of enemy troops and civilians. Luckily, it’s probably easier to drop bombs on small targets that don’t look like humans from 15,000 feet in the air.




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