I guess this guy I went to college with, let’s call him Grovestock because that’s his name, was arrested for molesting a 12-year-old, apparently. He was always a bit off. I noticed on Facebook that he changed his profile pic and background pic to shots of him at the gym, posing with his shirt off. Yuck. He took down the family photos. I think he has three kids. Or HAD. Yuck. And now he posts quotes that betray him, like Zig Ziglars. When you’re posting Zig Ziglar quotes, chances are that your life ain’t going too well. The quotes are usually about how it’s easy to find “dirt” on people but only true love looks for the “gems” in that dirt. I kind of want to call him on that sometimes. Or else unfriend him but my phone doesn’t let me do anything complicated in facebook. It goes into a clickhole and has said I have a friend request waiting for five years now. No idea how to address that. I don’t get why this kid, now a creepy ass 40 year old child molester, would put his perfect little life up for grabs like that. Did he learn nothing at college? Think he lost his job, too. I’m fascinated by the stuff he puts on his board now. Wall. I’m so 20th Century. He seems unable to take blame for what he did. I guess the whole thing was too traumatic for the girl because he’s not in prison but WTF. He had the most annoying girlfriend for like three years in school. Same girl. At one point they appeared to get the same short hair cuts. He thought he was hot shit, I remember. I find the entire affair pretty distasteful.