I’ve had 30 years not to weigh in on this movie, but as they seem to run it down here on Edge once a week every week I watched it again this morning. KK Three, I think. I watched it in Spanish of course. The plot is rather convoluted but features the usually embarrassing music on the soundtrack, Joe Esposito’s You’re The Best Around comes to mind. I might have been the last reporter to interview Pat Morita before his passing. We sat at a bar and did shots. It was 11 am. He came in to the casino bar with his young wife. Anyhow, I don’t understand why the people fighting Daniel Larusso didn’t just fight fair. They wouldn’t lose all their points and seem like they could beat the guy in seconds. Because Daniel Larusso really kind of sucks at karate. Who knew you couldn’t reach the highest levels of the discipline in four weeks by washing old cars? I once bought a karate magazine at age 12 or 13 and learned one move for when someone has hold of one leg. I’ve performed the move in a fight and smashed both of us. I almost ordered one of the ninja suits from the ads in the back of the magazine but didn’t. Ended up tossing the mag. Also used to buy Entrepreneur mag a lot and read about the home businesses. Passive income. Then I started investing my money in drugs. Still don’t have my own business. I am writing a book about getting free of heroin and going through withdrawals but who the hell knows. Not entering any karate tournaments any time soon.