A one-day strike is planned for Presidents Day or thereabouts. We are certainly NOT a very revolutionary people. We’ve never been taught how to protest effectively. We know how to assemble en masse and slowly walk towards something, usually a landmark. And there is 1% of us who are adept at smashing the fuck out of the nearest Starbucks and leaving clever stickers on the backs of street signs. But it’s as though it’s either one or the other and there are no other choices. We seem to protest as though we’re asking for a raise at work. The only thing we have going for us is our masses. The numbers. But let’s face it, when it comes to protesting, we’re one and done. We’ll rally for exactly one day and then we all go home before dark and return to our comfortable little lives feeling that we’ve accomplished something. What are we admitting about ourselves by “fighting the power”for exactly 24 hours? Sure, marching is tiring work. Here in southern Mexico, the protests usually begin in May and usually last all summer long. The people set up tents and tale over the Zocalo. They march at all hours, sometimes all night long, literally up and down the streets following a marching band. They jump into the middle of the highways and stop traffic and then they keep control of the roads. I’m not suggesting we use such extreme tactics–our police wouldn’t tolerate it the way the policia here do. I’m just suggesting that maybe protests need to get a bit more creative? Certainly nobody wants violence and I’m NOT advocating it. It just seems that massing in one place for a single day is kind of what the people in charge expect of us and how they want us to behave. Hell, it’s great for local businesses every time a “million” people march on Washington, D.C. But ultimately, what good does it do? Civil Rights wasn’t won making great speeches in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It started out locally and quickly realized that the best way to hurt the powers that be is by hurting their bottom line. Much more effective than looting a Foot Locker.

The American Left is its own worst enemy.

Mocking someone on Saturday Night Live is seen as a radical act.

Who are our leaders?

Where are they?