I’m not a doctor. I pay too much attention to be one. What works for heroin and opiate withdrawal? A small dose of loperamide (about 10 mg every 12 hours) and speed. Only do this for three days, though. Three days is all you need. Like with suboxone. I’ve kicked on a single 8 mg strip. 4 mg the first day, then 2 mg then half and half every 24 hours. No withdrawal at all if you limit it to three days. Of course, the biggest problem is boredom. Its not hard to be sick and do nothing when you’re sick, but nearly impossible when you know what will make you well instantly. The speed will fill your need to do *something* and cure that thought that the fun is over forever. You’re in bed, sick, smelling yourself, the sheets, it smells like death. The party has to end for now. Liquor doesn’t help enough. You need something stronger to get you out of bed and living sober hours. You only need 84 after your last dose of dope and you’re home free. This will work best the first time. So don’t screw up or it just gets more and more impossible.