Virtual Reality is an extraordinarily spooky illusion built on the backs of ones and zeros that has opened a wide vista into an alternate dimension, a whole other world. It’s a stunningly masterful deception done with cylindrical mirrors and shadows, precisely calculated light waves and lightning speed computer processors. It’s like looking the future between the eyes while the future looks right back at you. And neither moment in time appears to be willing to blink.

Opening paragraph of a piece on VR I’m writing for High Society. YES, that magazine. The same one. I write a piece for every issue since 2010 and after a break from 2014 to 2016, I’ve returned.




Crop circles are now “agroglyphes.”

I received a warning on my phone in Spanish today about a solar storm coming. My phone wasn’t working most of the day. I couldn’t call out.

It’s all algorithms.

Fully autonomous robots are tacky.

Global war(ming)

Coast giardia.