I know an Asian woman married to a white guy yet imagines that all white men are sick perverts with an “Asian fetish.” All of them, except for her husband, obviously. I have had about 12 serious girlfriends since I was 16 or 17. My first girlfriend was Asian. And that’s it. I haven’t dated an Asian woman since. Not even casually. That’s just because I look for more in a woman than her race. I’ve dated two black women, a blonde woman, two Jewish women, a Persian woman, a Latina and two or three brunettes of unidentifiable ethnicity, much like myself. I find it odd that this Asian woman is blind to her husband’s past. He’s dated almost exclusively Asian women. I guess she’s projecting on to other white men what she can’t admit about her own husband? Why does this bother me? Because she’s pre-judging people, aka being predjudiced.

Is this much different than being a dog lover? You either love dogs and will adopt any pup from the pound no matter what breed or lack of breed he or she is, yet some of these people, Hitler included, will only settle for a certain preferred breed of dog, most requiring papers to prove their pup is of proper lineage. It seems pretty similar. Some people seem to prefer certain characteristics but …

More interestingly, during the Nazi siege of Leningrad, local radio played a metronome over the air. If the metronome was going slowly, things were okay. If it was fast, you had to take cover.

The Soviets dug ice trenches to protect the city’s only supply route across a frozen lake. Leningrad burial detachments had to remove 100 corpses from the street every day. People died of hunger, simply stopped getting out of bed. Trucks were more likely to crash into each other than be destroyed by German artillery. Drivers stoood on their running boards so they could bail out if the ice broke under them. Hitler wanted Leningrad completely wiped off the map. He did not want anybody alive or anything to survive.

New Orleans would be an easy city to lay siege to. Los Angeles would be almost impossible. There’s too much of it. NYC would be possible. The siege of NYC. Manhattan.


All we had to save us was fanfiction.

How many bullets were fired during WWII? The US Industry-Ordnance team furnished to the army and foreign nations 47 billion rounds of small arms ammunition, approx. 11 million tons of artillery ammo, more than 12 million rifles andcarbines, approx. 750,000 artillery pieces and 3/2 million military vehicles.

So, the US made 47 billion bullets. 12 billion Japan. 14 billion from allied Europe. About 97 billion rounds. Actually fired, between 50 and 90 billion shots were fired in WWII. Imagine if you had a dollar for EVERY SINGLE BULLET  fired during WWII and you can imagine who rich  Bill Gates is.

A certain percentage of all troops during WWII NEVER fired their weapons at the enemy during the entire war. How is that possible? My grandfather may have been one of them but he was the navigator/bomber for his aircraft, a Marauder. He was in charge of dropping the bombs on the enemy. He was probably implicated in the death of hundreds or even thousands of enemy troops and civilians. Luckily, it’s probably easier to drop bombs on small targets that don’t look like humans from 15,000 feet in the air.