Uli Kunkol? Her co-star in the beaver picture?

Nothing worse than these idiots who are pro-cannabis for everything as in cannabis cures everything and makes you smarter and you don’t need opiates for pain when you have cannabis and you don’t need benzos for anxiety or panic. You know what? Fuck you! Cannabis makes me fucking schizophrenic. It doesn’t do shit for my pain. Fuck off! You morons pretend like you speak for everybody, as though you’re some bad boy because you smoke pot. It’s a weak, stupid drug for the gutless. It’s never done anything positive for me while other substances have.  Fuck off, all of you!

Don’t tell me that you’re a good person because you’re wearing a safety pin. If you really are a “safe space” you wouldn’t be showing off your privilege in the first place. Those minorities NEED me. I’m NEEDED. They can come to me if they don’t understand and I’ll explain the world to them. That sounds really fucking hideous.