The first target I remote viewed was a a ship at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, under 20,000 feet of rough sea. The ship was ship-shaped and there was gold on board at one time. I will try to upload my drawing of the ship and the gold at a later date just to prove to all the skeptics and wannabe debunkers. The gold was round and thin, so my theory is that it must be gold COINS. Either that or possibly gold cookies? Gold Tiddly Winks is another possibility. Remember, I’m viewing this ship from 5,000 miles away in Mexico and going down 20,000 feet deep into the  Pacific Ocean. The location is not yet known, but I remote viewed the number 90 and also what appears to be an island of some kind nearby. My theory is that the ship sunk during a storm hundreds of years ago. I saw large waves and drew lots of water. You can tell if you see my pictures, I used almost half of a blue Crayon while remote viewing this lost treasure ship. Because of the phenomena known as Quantum Entanglement, it’s very possible that the ship is actually in another dimension or a parallel universe or world. Remote Viewing is a wonderful tool to have in your psychic tool kit but it often raises more questions than it answers. As Billy Joel sang  in that song, “You may be wrong but you may be right.”

I am going to try not to go off on a Perfect Strangers tangent but it’s November and the Cubs won the World Series and I DID remote view actor Bronson Pinchot, who played Balki Bartokamous in the show. When I remote viewed Pinchot my face turned bright red, but not because the aliens had just switched on my implant device. I turned red because by the picture I drew of Bartokamous, I could tell he was either standing  naked, perhaps picking up some rent money by posing nude for a night class at the Learning Annex or possibly he was filming an erotic movie. It turned out that he was simply taking a shower. Most people take showers totally naked, so it’s n big thing. No pasa nada. No hay bronca. Sin embargo, as Cuba would say… Get it? Sin embargo…

Speaking of Cuba, I was going through my emails from my last appearance on the George Noory Program, I got a lot of requests to remote view actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., just to see how he was doing. I remote viewed him this morning. I drew a picture of him riding on a dogsled. I’m not sure if I remote viewed a movie starring him or if he was really on a dog sled? Anyhow, I found out quite a few interesting things when I remote viewed the face on Mars.

Near the face on Mars I found what appears to be an ancient alien artifact. It was a piece of metal, some exotic metal not found on our planet and only manufactured by a Type Two civilization. It simply cannot be made by bombarding a lesser element with protons. Speaking of Bob Lazar, I remote viewed him and he was working next to an object that appeared to be UFO-shaped. I imagine that this means that Lazar might be still be working at the saucer site and probably has been working at S4 for the past 25 years. I remote viewed his mind and could not find any lies in his brain. I drew a circle which was obviously a large zero, which was likely representative of the number of lies he’s told in his life. He has a bad memory and I’m sure he’s told fibs about shitting or not, just like the rest of us. I sometimes find myself lying about my shit history. Wiping your ass well is like clearing your  search history. Speaking of ladyboys, I once remote viewed a chick with a dick. The drawing explains it all–he/she was not Bruce Jenner, now known as Catelyn Jenner. I remote viewed Catelyn next to a large round ball sack, so that means she’s either preparing to have her balls clipped at the doctor or else she was getting freaky on a ball sack, likely giving a set of nuts an anal doghouse.

According to the rules for reality shows, if Catelyn Jenner is taking a pinecone sized pair of piss eggs in her anal cavity then those balls would likely belong to a black man.

I remote viewed a bunch of dead celebrities which are easy to tell because the drawings are of people lying down and not moving around very much. I imagine that it would suck if they put you in the coffin and locked you in the crypt in an uncomfortable position. Eternity  is a  long time, Charlie Brown. So, I remote viewed Jack Benny and I could tell it was him because I drew a circumsized penis and the person buried next to Benny was supposed to be Mary Livingstone, and I don’t believe she was a gender bender. But they did adopt a child, which means either Benny was a wee bit light in the loafers and he really did live in sin tasting the love that dareth not speak its name with a black man, Eddie Anderson who played his butler Kingston.

To top it off, I remote viewed a casino in Las Vegas, more specifically the roulette table at a casino downtown. I saw the number 7 come up. There appeared to be a pile of what were probably casino chips stacked near the wheel.

So, this latest session of Remote Viewing was very involved and full of tons of great new information that had been lost to history.

The mayor of Rome is a 37-year-old woman.

You read this back to me and tell me that remote viewing doesn’t work! Next time I’m going to remote view the tube in London. I see a sign that says Mind the Gap. Exciting stuff, no?