I see one of these on Facebook today and honestly it pisses me off. It’s a fund to pay a guy’s rent. He’s not sick. He’s sadly been laid off which sucks but his rent is like $4000 a month because he lives in a nice apartment in San Francisco. He’s going to be evicted if he can’t come up with back rent for three or four months. He also needs $1000 a month to eat and buy assorted things. Seems utterly ridiculous. I couldn’t afford to live where I wanted so I found some place I could afford and it’s not even in the same country. For $1000 I could eat for six months at least. Right now I have about $50 for the rest of the month and I’m feeling pretty good about that at this point.
The fact that he’s going to get his $40,000 makes me feel even more like killing myself than usual.
Where do I send my pesos, señor?