Horrible 24 hour migraine still lingers… Is it the poisons being released or? Then 45 minutes ago my landlord brought me a workung fan and a friend brought me a sandwich made by his daughter and a drink and a pastelitto. On a day that my own family sent me an email basically telling me to fuck off, I feel incredibly blessed. This is surely one reason I’m in no hurry to go nack the the USA. Even a guy who has no money wanted to be sure I had a proper meal this week. I guess this was a bad way to break the fast but as he mentioned, I wasn’t fasting so much as I wasn’t eating. If I had money to eat, surely I’d buy some food. My headache was not expecting the food and now I feel powerful and ready to work. I just got a note that an article is past due but I wanted to make sure the magazine wasn’t going fold without paying me so I’ve put it off. Perhaps I can write most of the article tonight? Anything is possible. i just went from sweating in a loud room in the tropics to cooled off and fed in a matter of an hour. From thinking woe is me to thinking I am eating food that is so much more delicious because I haven’t had any in so long. Tomorrow I start again
Another three or four days of fasting with bad filtered Mexican tap water but I am incredibly grateful for tonight.