It feels like every movie is now directed by the same person, if not the exact same, at least by persons who learned their craft in the same class. Or are they all simply taking mega doses of the same creativity stifling antipsychotic drugs? Look at Netflix. Who the fuck decided ti cast Adam Sandler in 20 forgettable movies? Maybe each movie made somebody who didn’t need the money more of it. But somehow, Adam Sandler became a part of a math equation that includes very minimal values for creativity. The entire film industry is dying from sheer lack of it. Nobody is willing to risk getting stuck at a movie theater nowadays. Only one movie. You can’t change it in the middle if it sucks. Quite a way to ruin your evening. Isn’t it much safer to sit on the couch and watch TV shows, i. e. Instant Franchises. Readymade and cheap. There’s no golden age of TV going on. It’s just with the theaters in a dark age, we even the dimmest bulbs shine like stars.