It’s been about a week since I stopped eating. I think. It’s hard to tell as it feels like it’s been a month. I refuse to figure out exactly how long it’s been because I know myself and I know I’ll start fixating on the days and hours I have gone and have left to go rather than using the time to try and fix some seriously wrong wiring in my brain. I’ve also been cutting my antidepressant Effexor from 225 mg now down to about 18.75 mg per day. The withdrawal from that has affected me more than the fast. My head feels like it’s on a different time than my body. I’ve been on the stuff for all but about six months of my aduly life. 

I still feel mu stomach rumbling but that might have more to do with my body killing off a stubborn case of giardia that has been lingering for about three months. I must have gotten it from drinking tap water or from some street food. It’s very easy to fast when u you don’t have the money to buy food. Though I only have about one more day of coffee left. I am drinking bottled water after not being able to remove enough of the sludge and poison through filtering the tap water. I imagine I’ve lost about 15 pounds in the first week. I am craving vwgetables. Healthy things.