My argument isn’t with the health claims associated with grapefruit. I’m sure half are true, half bullshit and half whatever. My issue is more existential. Grapefruit. Firstly, there is ALREADY a fruit called grapes, and they look and taste nothing like grapefruit. Not even close. I’m sure it was tempting to whoever invented brownies to call them “chocolate chip cookies.” But a bit of detective work would’ve discovered that claim was a false one. It’s almost as though the person naming grapefruit is somehow casting aspersions on regular grapes–maybe they’re not even really fruit? If they were, they’d certainly want to advertise that in their name. Just what are grapes trying to hide?




Perhaps they are not even fruits at all… Well, the last thing I want is to court the ire of Big Grape. All kidding aside, certain Latin American countries have had their governments deposed for talking trash about about the American multinate United Fruit. Just ask any Guatemalan who was alive in 1954, though, specifically because of the coup-d’etat carried out by the US govrernment on behalf of their corporate pimps, United Fruit, fewer Guatemalans around in 1954 are alive today than actuarial charts say should be.

Grapefruit: It tastes disgusting, as though it’s hitting all the wrong areas of the tongue in the wrong order somehow. It’s putrifying in your mouth even before you get a chance to swallow. Sort of like garbage can runoff. Maybe they should change the name of “garbage can runoff” to “applejuice”? It’s a similar move to the great grapefruit debacle.

When you’re conducting a CIA black op to secretly reinstall the right wing military junta that seems to enjoy nothing so much as violating human rights and ripping off the country, signing deals to hand over their national natural resources until time immemorial, mortgaging the future of your great grandchildren in exchange for a sports car and maybe a bit of spending money. The whole criminal enterprise was codenamed PBSUCCESS. The USA would later install a second, more ruthless military regime when necessary, just a few years later. The country would be mired in civil war for the next generation. This military coup was a bit early and used far too few illegal bomb types for a Kissinger coup, but it had John Fuster Dulles’ signature all over it. Dulles was a dove compared to Hank K.

It amazes me who forgiving most countries are about this type of thing, i.e. unlawfully interfering in their internal politics with armed aggression and force to install a government more friendly to US business desires to wipe out the natural resources and a few thousand (tens, hundreds, or millions at times) innocents of a smaller country in the name of fattening the pockets of elite capitalists.

It’s rare outside of a fascist paradise like the 1930s and 40s Nazi Germany for a corporation to be guilty of committing of crimes against humanity. Sure, your bosses’ boss is a huge bloated overpaid dick, but you don’t expect to see him pop in a war crimes tribunal in the Hague. Sure, corporate interest (they call it health) completely coincides with the traditional colonial exploitation of workers and resources, but often these guys are the ones who escape without being held responsible for their crimes. Was the head of IG Farben at the Nuremberg Trials? Should he have been?

Just a note, United Fruit eventually merged with AMK in the 70s and today it’s known asd Chiquita Brands International. Talk about a company that should pay reparations for crimes. If I go and throw eggs at somebody’s house and break a widow, I am liable for the cost of that window, at the very least. United Fruit went in and broke every window in every house in Central America and some of those in the South. El pulpo (or the Octopus as it was called derisively by those affected by its exploitation and violence) was responsible for making a communist revolution seem popular enough for the US to send more troops to whatever area was under one of the salty thumbs of the Octopus. It’s ALMOST as though we engaged in certain foreign policies, that, no matter the outcome, would ensure that the country remained on a financial war footing forever.

Since the US took over as superpower and police of the world, it has killed apporx. 20,000,000 people in about 37 different countries.

True numbers are hard to figure because the numbers are so huge and its very complicated to tell who much is being spent, with black programs, and money earmarked for other things but really being spent on the military. It’s estimated to be around $1.2 trillion per year, all told. That doesn’t include the price of active wars. Adjusted for inflation, the USa has spent approx. 50 trillion on military spending since the end of World War Two. Our national debt is about 20 trillion. Adjusted for inflation, that’s about $250,000 per family in the USA. Every family could have been given a house, two cars, food, and a reasonable monthly income for life…OR…we could have the present military which we do.

Tough choice.

When local police departments catch a drug dealer, they are allowed to cease all the money and assets that he or she has that they even suspect was made selling drugs. This is a very lucrative part of the budget. If drugs were made legal, they’d no longer be able to cease this money. You rarely hear about such large seizures. That’s for several reasons. Though it’s the community that suffers from the sale of drug (allegedly) they are rewarded with a police force more vigilant, better armed and less likely to engage in community policing, i.e. rolling down their windows and actually getting to know the people on their beat.

Most drug dealers are forced to keep a lot of their money in cash. It’s not unusual for them to keep safes on their premises with say $50,000 in cash. Would it be tempting if you came upon  $50,000 and could get away with pinching a few grand for yourself? Here in Mexico corruption is a huge problem. But the police barely make a livable wage In the US, you put in 20 years and retire with a pension, then you can go to work lobbying, etc.

A lot worse can be said about the USA police force than the idea that policing the people is  a racket. Ironically, the drug war is supposed to protect us from ourselves, our most base instincts to use drugs. Much like the way that every illegal or “controlled” drug in the  USA is called a “narcotic,” even though a narcotic is actually a specific  type of drug that produces narcosis, i.e. crack cocaine is not a narcotic, at least not in the dictionary. No more than heroin is a “controlled” drug. The big problem  is who controls it. Doctors are often  sent  on pre-paid  “continual learning” type workshops in places like Hawaii, paid for be drug companies hoping to influence the medical folk to prescribe their brand of drugs. Usually these are for drugs like anti-depressants or heart issues, where there is  competition in the field. Oxycontin  doesn’t need to give out free samples of send any doctor anywhere. The stuff sells itself.

People often refer to Eisenhowers’ farewell speech in which he (his speechwriters) warned about the overreach of the “military industrial complex.” Essentially, he invented it. So, it would be like Bill Clinton bidding farewell to the nation with a speech about telling the truth no matter what, the importance of marital fidelity, and raising the perception of the office of the president by not engaging in unbecoming behavior while in the Oval Office.

Let’s face it–we’ve been lied to constantly by everybody who sits in the presidents chair since 1776. Lying is part of being a politician. Just what kind of a good time was senator Larry Craig looking for in that Minneapolis airport men’s room? Engaging in anonymous homosexual backdoor bathroom action doesn’t make you gay. It’s quite possible that the good senator from the Northwest waste lands also enjoys the occasional blumpkin from a female page while congress is in session. That doesn’t make you straight. Surely, he falls in the giant box of collective inbetween. Not a 1, not a 10. Although in all fairness, having discussed the idea with gay friends who were fairly grossed out at the idea of having sex with a stranger in an airport bathroom…promulgating such stereotypes of gay men being likely to be sitting on the tarmac for three hours with a freshly acquired n STD and crap on their knob isn’t fair. Nobody likes being lumped together with “like” people and as soon as you do, they’ll give you 100 reasons why they are nothing like the people they are supposed to be just like.

This started with me calling  out the hypocrisy of grapefruit so it shall end the same way.

Grapefruit is a total dick.