I’ve got to shut down the hotel for a while. The local police are asking for too much. It’s not worth it if I’m not making any money.

So, having no money to eat or drink, I have started a water and coffee only diet. A water diet is more difficult here in Mexico because the water must be boiled and then allowed to cool, then filtered through a paper coffee filter once or twice to remove some of the sediment. I’m also too broke to buy my anti-depressant medicine, venlafaxina, or Effexor XR as it’s known in the USA. A pack of 20 costs about 120 pesos. I am supposed to take 225 mg of the stuff but have already cut down to half of a single 75 mg capsule. At times I feel very dizzy and have electric brain thunderstorms, but I’m no more or less depressed than anybody living in a Third World country without enough money to buy a newspaper.