That was his biggest hit. But he had others.

And this is Yanni?

No. Jhonathan Wayne-Kai. I said he’s the Yanni of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu? I’m sorry I didn’t recognize your flag. I thought it was a cleaning rag. How many other nations use florescent colors? I’m going to guess not many. Is your island…

Mobius Island.

Is Mobius Island near the Canary Islands? The Falklands? Was it once a protectorate of the Portuguese Empire? I have no perspective. I’ll be spinning this globe and squinting all day.

It’s not on the globe. It’s not on most maps. See, here. Vanuatu?

Tiny. I can’t help but thinking it’s one of those countries that’s quikcly being washed away  by global warming.

Maybe. Our current prime minister is a skeptic. He says the planet regularly goes through hot spells and cold spells. The best thing to do now is pray to the Angry Child God, Maloch. He’s in the bathtub splashing around.

So, you’re near what were the Bikini Islands? Before the atomic tests wiped them out?

Mobius is much smaller than the Bikinis. They’re still there. People moved back after a few years. The proper comparison is probably Australian and New Zealand. Nobody from the area would confuse someone from Oz with a Kiwi but to the guy renting rooms in a Motel Six in Spokane, they’re all from England. Or the 1940s. But, yes, the water in Vanuatu is about ankle-deep these days. Our main export is bauxite and Kedds tennis shows. If we could bottle muddy salt water pumped from the second stories of our oldest houses during the monsoon season we’d be better off financially.

How does one get to Mobius? Seaplane seems like the safest way to travel nowadays.

Life raft. The ocean currents are like a giant comma. That’s what forms the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We’re right in the middle of it.