“Her pink may have yellowed, but she still swallows white like a true-blue fuck pig.”

She once commanded five figure paydays for feature films like “Every Load A Different Shade of White” and “Fuck Me With Whatever’s In Your Hand” and now she’s back, supplementing her Social Security check with Pizza Hut vouchers.

She may be sagging like a large wet sock on a stick, but at the tender age of 90, Faye Misty dares you to pop a chubby as she’s literally dragged through a gauntlet of cum for one last XXX thrill ride.

Counting the notches carved in Faye Misty’s bedpost is an odyssey.

Make that, The Odyssey.

Celebrated at 25, reviled by 30. Brought back as a novelty act at age 45; chased out of the business like a sick animal run off the property just a few months later.

Now, as she prepares to celebrate her 90th birthday, the godmother of American bukkake  and extreme cum-swallowing, Faye Misty takes on 90 teenage studs in “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, and My Number is Forest Hill 6-4466.”